Why do you work in couple?

Our photographic style is narrative, so that it requires a photojournalistic approach to your event. The aim is to capture the emotions, the moments and to forecast what’s going to happen in an instant. Some situations of your day require two photographers, in order not to lose unique and once-in-a-lifetime moments. Think about it: why choose to have a picture of the bride’s preparation or a close hug between the best man and the groom?

For some events, limited in time and number of participants, by request we consider together with you the possibility to have one photographer only.

What’s included in the service?

Every wedding is unique and special, this is why we created a customizable photoshooting, that can be built on bride and groom’s tastes and demands. The service is made of all the fundamental moments to tell your story:

 Two photographers available all day.
• Your day, from the beginning to the end: from the preparation to the ceremony, from the photos of the couple to the location details. Stolen pictures won’t be missed during the aperitif and the uncountable toasts. Some pictures with the parents, as a never ending memory, and then the reception, the cake cutting and the party. We will be with you all day long, in order not to lose any instant.
• The details: during the day we will focus on the details that make your wedding unique: from the flowers to the wedding rings, from the tables to the placeholders, from the setting up of the room to the presentation of the food. Everything is about you.
All the photos of your wedding: an elegant wooden box that includes a USB drive, with all the selected and edited pictures of your day. The photos are in high resolution (printable) and low resolution (for the best social and email sharing).
• The slideshow: composed by a selection of the most significant pictures of the day, with a special romantic music.
A draft of the wedding album: we will provide you our wedding album layout proposal, to check and eventually modify together.


Are you available to move for the wedding?

Naturally. We’ll be glad to follow you in your day wherever it may be, 10 or 10 thousands kilometers away.

How many photos do you provide?

Normally, the USB drive contains from 400 to 600 photos for a complete wedding photoshooting. All the pictures are edited, some of them in color and others in black&white, depending on what best fits the shot.

Does your studio provide video services?

We don’t directly realize videos, ma we collaborate with videomakers from all over Italy. The synergy between photographers and videomakers is often taken for granted, but it can really be the value added to get unforgettable images. Contact us and we will recommend you the most suitable professional for you requests.